Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sticking to it!

        So, here I am, a couple days late... but here nonetheless! YAY! It has been a relatively productive week. I have been working on a acrylic on canvas painting, finished a small acrylic on refinished board, finished 2 mini paintings and did a bit of research on showing art in other states/doing craft fairs.
Finally Finished this piece in December and Just titled...
"Into the Rapids"

        First, my paintings. I am loving the way my current piece is going. I have worked on it here and there through out last week and this weekend. It's quite cathartic. When I stop to look at it, I find myself pulled into the other small pieces I am working on. The mental break from one painting opens myself up to feeding into another. It is a small release, but a very productive side effect!  While working on my larger painting (not BIG, but larger than the others... I will have to get the dimensions) I have finished the 3 smaller pieces. My larger piece is an abstract, filled with raw emotion and feeling for me. The last bits I added have really caught the spark of what I'm doing. Or at least trying to convey. I have a working title of "Reckoning" and that is exactly what it is...My  calculating, my estimation, my opinion, my judgement...MY decision to get back into what I love. A commitment via calculated thought to be mindful, present and accountable for creating. Honestly, I FEEL better when I am making something. It makes me a better person... A whole person. A mentally healthy person...okay, that may be debatable, But I think it all contributes to my physical well being. I do think it is a need for me....   I am overwhelmingly enjoying having a space to work, listen to music and paint. It has been too long! Now I just need to organize my days a bit better to accomodate the business and marketing side of things.
        I am not business minded, in the sense of numbers and accounting. I do, however, love to market. I just need the time and the means. I have a great friend that has given me some awesome advice on doing these craft fairs.  So, I've been finding things to do before I get going this summer. I am on set up mode. I need to organize my time in order to send in applications, get my tax ID for any state other than MN I plan on showing in (have my MN one:), get inventory together, create displays,get my books in order, order new business cards, possibly order postcards, make tent weights, and I need a tent. That's all.... It is a bit overwhelming, so that's where I need help. I have to spread it out in a logical order and start keeping books. Good thing I am starting in January! Ah well...It'll happen. I just have to keep up with it. (gotta stick with these resolutions!:)
        Well....gotta go work on....something! Paint? Taxes? Scheduling? hmmm...


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