Saturday, January 29, 2011


          I have been thinking a lot about opportunities and how they come about...where do they come from- how can I be more aware.  I had an opportunity to show some artwork at the Y, in Shoreview, yesterday evening.  I was so happy I did! They were having an open house/ Friday Family Night event and I met some great new people and was able to see some old friends.  I had worked at this Y for 11 years- and it felt like home when I was there.  Sure, things are changed and new faces abound...but I saw so many people I had connections with and ... WOW...It felt wonderful.  I am very happy that my friend, Cyn,asked me to come and be a part of that event.  I sold a couple jewels, and made a wonderful connection with a family for a possible commission- But what I really think it did- was make me realize how small our world is- how many people we have that touch our lives and how important it is to know how many people we have impact on or who have an impact on us.  Sometimes-I feel I am in my own little world out here in the sticks- but when I see the people that have touched my life in some way- that I have connections outside my immediate family- I truly feel blessed!
        I have such a great attitude waking up today and I just can't wait to get out and about...My daughter and I are going to bring the art and supplies back down to our little studio in St. Paul...get set up for Lowertown First Fridays next Friday...and I know I will be looking for opportunities...Who can I talk to? Who can I help? What can I say?  It's not always the opportunities that come to us- sometimes we have to search a little.  But I can tell you- my eyes are wide open.  It may be an opportunity for me- or maybe I am actually giving someone else one.  Maybe it will be a way for me to show my work- maybe I will have an opportunity to try something new, maybe inspiration for a painting...maybe I will inspire someone else. I am thrilled to see what happens today. I'll keep you posted!
        OH! And the painting above....I felt this was appropriate...It is titled "Sea Something"...and I was inspired from a film I watched on ocean life. I like that you need to look- to "see" something...take from it what you bring to it.  I was inspired by underwater sea life- but when you look- do you see that same thing? Kind of like the opportunities we are given- do we each see the same opportunity, the same choice, the same way we can help someone else? Do we see it at all? I know that I'll be looking a little more closely today:)
Always Inspired-

Monday, January 24, 2011

My First Blog...My First Post :)

       The title of this piece is called "Neither Here nor There..." and I feel that's fitting for my first post.  I guess that's how I am feeling this new year...I am excited and happy and hopeful of what this new year will bring and I am also filled with anxiety over how to get my art out there, who should I be showing my work to, what can I do to be a more productive and prolific artist. This painting is that same topsy turvy kind of piece. I started painting it and then flipped it half way through...I can see clouds on top and bottom, tree tops as the bottom and as the top...flashes of sun light sparked in between the leaves, the clouds... it works either's all in how you want to see it. Abstract yet concrete.
        So I am starting on my list of resolutions...not the writing of it, that's been done.  I am now starting the "Do it" phase! I have been talking about creating a blog for the past few years...well- here it is again on my list. Now it's a reality..(Check!) It feels good to make a list, check off those things you've accomplished- so far -one for the good;)
        I also have plans to expand my art sales to etsy and to push my work out to other places outside my comfort zone. Both in literal locale and in what goes on my canvas. I have started in regard to locale.  (Check!) I am giving a few jewelry demos and card making demos at a local YMCA this weekend- hoping to share my work with another group of folks that may not have otherwise been introduced. 
          I see this blog as a place to share my goals, my ideas, a place to share myself. I will share things I am working on, experimenting with and ideas I may have.  I feel writing helps me get the clutter out of my head.  I have so many hats to wear and things to do: be a mom, a wife, an artist,  care giver, employee as well as self-employed...that this helps get the info out.  I can decompress by writing- seeing what I am doing, where I need to go, who I want to be, and what I want to do. And if you enjoy reading it- come on along for the journey:)
          I know life can be a bit crazy- and I guess that's the fun in everything- the unpredictability of tomorrow. I am on top of my resolutions...and right now- am feeling pretty darn good at getting this started.  I can't wait to see what this new year brings- and I enjoy knowing I can be happy any way I look at it.  I like the abstract....and know the concrete;)
Happy New Year!