Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Gettin' Down to Business...



 So, I have been very busy! Gettin' down to business! I have titled and completed  a couple more paintings since last week! I finished the 18" x 24" piece titled "Reckoning", one 3" x 9" canvas titled "Twilight Tree" and another 12"x 24" canvas titled "Day Dreaming". Whew! I am feeling really good about what I am doing and felt very productive (and excited!).  I also prepped a few more smaller canvases- they are ready to be turned into something special!
Small Canvases, Waiting to be finished Masterpieces...
        I attempted (and by "attempted", I mean struggled, lol!), with a few tasks to get ready for this summer of trying/selling at art and Ren fairs.  I need a Tax ID in any state I wish to sell goods. I already have my MN one, since I had my Studio in St. Paul.  I started to go online and check out WI tax IDs, and since I will be a vendor (more than an artist in a set place/studio), my title is somewhat changed. I need to read through a bit more and figure out what I need to do. I also started to look at Credit Card swipers. So I can start accepting credit cards. (Giving me more probability of sales, to those who would like to purchase my wares;)  Each of these tasks lead to more & more questions about bank accounts, costs, what taxes are applicable where, am I a vendor, sole proprietor....So, needless to say, I didn't finish either task, but made some headway on answering my questions. One step forward, 2 steps back- lol! I started to organize a three ring binder to hold all of my info. I also need to pick up an account book- In studio, I used to simply deal in paper sales receipts- old school. But think I will need to be a bit more tech advanced as I go into my next venture. I still have certain personal touches when it comes to selling original paintings- I am attached to them and sales are sometimes bittersweet. It's personal, and I want the buyer to know that each piece is very special to me. Putting price tags on things you create is sometimes very difficult.
        Well- that's a short update- I promise to be more verbose next week- and maybe less distracted. maybe I can pick a topic and share some good info...Thanks for checking in, I'll leave you with some pictures of the newly created art....

"Day Dreaming"

"Twilight Tree"
Mini canvases
"Water Lilly"

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