Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where's my Spark?

So....Inspiration....   I. Am. Waiting.
I can honestly say, I am DONE with winter. I have been in a funk, a semi-depressed yuck-athon, a crabby, moody, erratic emotional mess for about a month.  I am JUST coming out of the dark- thanks to a few sunny days.  I have not painted, made any jewels, enjoyed a gallery or museum or anything art related for about a month. ICK! That is NOT right. NOT ME! I am realizing the Spring art crawl is just around the corner. I need to get moving- get inspired. But first, I panicked! AGH!!!!! So much to do- how will it get done??? Where to start?... Baby steps..:)

Today, I came home after work and looked through photos of my recent paintings. I needed to gather images in order to create a new postcard for the crawl...As I looked, I realized I have sold a few new pieces already this winter...isn't that great?! I see the photos and realize- though I no longer have them- my paintings are bringing someone else joy, reflection, maybe peace.  I am so proud.  I know what I do is valid- not because someone purchased them (although that is a WONDERFUL thing- to be paid for what I love!) but because someone else appreciated them enough to want to keep them. A little smile played on my lips, I kinda got excited about getting down to the studio for Lowertown First Friday's tomorrow ...I know I have 3 pieces I have painted backgrounds for...and have a few other canvases waiting to be prepped...I start to think about the images I have had floating in my mind...maybe some silhouettes? ...thinking a nice peach could be spring like and uplifting...a giggle slips out...(the dog thinks I am crazy- tilts her head wondering if I am talking to her)... hmmm I think I will re-hang my art before the crawl- rearrange...ya know- I miss the quotes on my walls- maybe I should put a few more up in the space?  nicely painted in between paintings...OH! I know what pieces would look great on the postcard...maybe I'll get another new piece done tomorrow to add to that grouping...YES! and it happened:)

I am feeling better, I have a smile on my face, a song in my mind-music and color and floating images... a purpose.
I am grateful.  I am excited. I am full of ideas... full of... inspiration.  The weather, the little day to day nagging on your brain- bills, car problems, children's homework, health, appointments- the little things add up for me. I sometimes go down with the gloom.  But I am feeling Spring push through- just a little- to give me a glimpse into what I CAN do. The hope, the wonder (the good stuff!)- I get to see that as I look back at my work- I like feeling I get- like the sunshine today- I like the unexpected rush I get. I love to paint- just to paint.  But I really love- that I can get inspired by just seeing what I did before- seeing my happiness spread out on canvas- in BOLD BRIGHT COLOR!

So- inspiration has found me...Or rather...did I find it? Doesn't really long as I can share:)

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