Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer + Me = Time for Creative Outbursts!

FINALLY! My Summer has begun! It all started this week...My day job hours change subtly (off 2 hours earlier) and I now have an extra day off (no Fridays!).  This means more time with my daughter and more time to be creative! 

Tomorrow is our first official Friday we came home today, I noticed the lily pads are blooming (on our local lakes) and I want to take a few photographs...I want to create a photo collage of some of my favorite things about living in the country...the lily pads blooming, the cows, our goats and chickens,  the way the woods get full and light filters through the leaves... So I want to start our first day with a bit of creative nourishment...Taking photos (and a local greasy spoon for a $2 breakfast:)

Other photos I need are of some of the Taylors Falls rocks...Love the hiking paths and foliage around here- and need to get some shots for painting inspiration! I love the reds, purples and rust colors in the clay, in the stone...  green full leaves, viney outcroppings and gnarled tree roots are all around- Just waiting for me to take shots and turn them into a fantastic work of art.

I also want to check out our local antique stores as they sometimes have really fun finds! I love old windows, distressed wood, Stained glass, and anything that looks like it has a bit of neglect and bit of history. I MUST be careful...I am a sucker for "stuff"!
Once I get started lookin' at the antique windows, doors and such, I sometimes have a need to refinish some things I have at home...I own a set of dovetailed tables that I grew up with. They were my grandfathers and the tops need refinishing.  I finished one side table last fall, and would like to finish it's twin, the long coffee table, the triangle table, as well as the square table that all match! They are very beautiful- lovely grain. SO this is on my list of "to do's" this summer.  I feel good when I can see all the life come back into the wood. Lovely lines and superior workmanship make them wonderful to use and appreciate.
SO I am giddy and excited to take my baby out on our first summer exploring expedition!Cameras in hand and loose change in our pockets! Get ready, Summer, here I come! I am ready for some creative outbursts!

Always Inspired,

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