Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Years Resolutions...

        So, I find myself in a scramble updating my web page, working on new art, expanding the way I create....and I happened along my very outdated and neglected blog. As I am going through these scattered (and no longer cohesive parts of my artistic soul)...I am thinking of how to put humpty back together again..
        Once again, I am trying to prepare myself for a New year. I have the same old resolutions of wanting to better myself, lose weight, be healthier...but I have sorely neglected my art these past couple of years. I have had a couple of job changes-sowed some oats- only to realize I needed the calm that I had left. ( A few major health problems have helped guide me back to a place where I can once again, be who I truly am. As they say, Life is too short.) I am back in a position (for the past year) that should allow me the time and space I need to, once again, cultivate my passion.  I have had the opportunity to resume teaching art classes to both children and adults through our local Community Ed program and grants. I also had an amazing opportunity to do set painting for a wonderful local Theatre group in Forest Lake. Masquers Theatre Company hired me to paint the set panels for their holiday production of "The Happy Elf". What a blessing! As stressful as the timeline was- I felt more myself and alive with creativity than I had in ages! My kind of people. Creativity is sometimes lacking the further away from the cities you go, but I am finding small niches of fellow artists and creative individuals around me.
2 panels of "Bluesville" from "The Happy Elf"

        So back to resolutions...I have a dear friend, Lori, who has teamed up with her family to create a family run jewelry business. They fashion rings and other jewels from coins. They have been traveling and exhibiting their work at art and Renaissance fairs. I am intrigued and for one of my resolutions, plan on exhibiting/selling at few shows this summer, to see how it goes!  I may pursue this as a summer vocation in the next few years, if it proves lucrative and makes me happy. BUT...This means I have tweaked my work to fit a market. I am producing work on recycled wood and jewelry boxes, creating small miniatures and creating smaller pieces to sell at the fairs. All this in addition to creating work in my own abstract way:)
Example of my current abstract painting...
Watercolor and ink,( smaller 5"x 7")

Crosshatching sketch

        Another resolution...I need to set aside time to work on my blog, website and the creation of new art. I will be devoting specific days and times to get my work done! Once a week blog, photographing my art and cataloging, expanding and re-creating my mailing list, becoming a bigger presence on FB and social media, networking and finding new places to exhibit my work, and just being around art! I miss going to openings, art crawls, having a presence in what I love. Time to put myself back out there and to give myself the time to pursue what I love.
        As I write this, my heart is filled with passion, my soul ready to be rejuvenated with a new sense of purpose and fulfillment. This years resolutions are a gift to myself... I am ready. I need this. Because this is who I am.
                                                         Much love and Wishes for a Happy New Year!

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