Thursday, April 5, 2018

Busy, Busy, SLACK....

(One of the pieces created during a productive weekend.)

   Hello there! It's been awhile!  I have been intermittently busy, then slacking....Let me explain.

  So, I work on art most weekends and had an opportunity to get some stuff done over Easter weekend. I was on a roll, but then I hit days that are a bust. I can't get motivated or I can't come up with concepts and sketches I like. Then, I feel like all that I had produced prior to my lull, is diminished. The feat is not longer great, because I wasted another day binge watching a show on Netflix! LOL!
     I am tying to figure out why it is so very hard for me to work on art during the is what I have figured out. I work from 5:45 (yes AM) until 2:15 Monday through Friday. I either get out late, have to stop at my mom's apartment or stop to pick up some grocery items for dinner. That gets us to  around 3-3:30...Depending on the day- I may have to then feed the outdoor animals their mid day hay. (usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 45- depends on weather, checking on how they are doing and if I need to do anything extra while out there.) Sometimes my daughter is home and can take care of that feeding.  (More & more, she is not.) As soon as I come in, the dogs need to be fed. (and when I go fill the dog bowls, I have to stop and visit the bunny!After a few scratches and a treat or 2, I move on.)  After that, I usually need to just decompress after a full day of working with children. I guess I veg for about an hour. (I also have a snack or treat then too;) so let's say that gets us to 5pm.  After that- I need to make dinner. Depending of what we have, it can be anywhere from a half hour to an hour to get that together. So lets say we eat at 5:30. By 6 we are done. I am, honestly, tired by then. So, I sit & get sucked into my phone, Facebook or TV. I am usually in the shower/bed by 8:30/ I have from 6ish to 8:30 to work on art. If my space is disrupted, or I have a compulsion to clean up before starting, I have very little time to work. I have to be in the mood to sketch or paint. I love to do it, but if I am exhausted- I don't feel like coming up with ideas to sketch. If it was a bad day, I really need time to get ready to create something. It takes me awhile to detach from the rest of the day. That's what I know.
(One of my Studio mates...she's very critical...)

        Here is my plan of attack...I have decided to create a goal/plan each week. On Sunday, I will figure out a my goals for the week (For instance; finishing 2 paintings during the week, designing business cards and ordering, blogging, staining 20 boards and prepping them for painting on, etc.) and set a plan (in writing and on a calendar) to get that done. I am delegating some of the chores and dinner-making to the husband and child. (They do have other things going on as well- so I am going to see who's schedule can accommodate what. We also have other things that disrupt our schedules;  meetings, special events and illnesses...Did I also mention I am teaching an art classes for children -3 Tuesdays after work, this month? and an Adult watercolor class 3 Thursdays in the evening, this month?) By delegating this way, I can have some days to work on art with a longer amount of time and feel like I am not trying to cram it in!  Hence, creating time and an easier way to get into something and getting something done!That's the plan...We shall see how that pans out. I promise to keep you posted...Wish me luck!

(Another piece created during a productive weekend...)

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