Saturday, July 30, 2011

Artist's Block

I am in pain.  My head is full of wonderful ideas, have beautiful inspiration, want to make something...but do not know where to jump start the process.  I am flooded with ideas, but I cannot decide where to start.  I thought getting some supplies would get me going, but I think that made it worse. Now I have this inventory of "stuff" waiting to be turned into wonderful creations. 
This painting is Titled "Simplicity of Calm"- I could use a little simplicity:)

Is it the pressure? I am not worried about failure, never really am- what I do is for my own creative soul- and if someone else "gets it" or enjoys it; all the better:) So I don't think I'm trying to make something  "noteworthy".  I just wanna MAKE SOMETHING!  I want to make art to get the feelings and emotions I have about things out.  I want to make things I find aesthetically pleasing.  I want to make things that make me HAPPY.  

So- as I wait for my muse to take hold and guide my humble hands into creating a piece of art....I vent;) I think writing about it helps clear the fog, helps me see where to begin.  Like I said- there's plenty to go on, just can't seem to get it out! Maybe I should list the ideas and in what process I see them coming to fruition? That may be good...I love lists:)

Well- I know I have a big art explosion waiting to happen- just not quite sure when it'll hit...I DO know I will have plenty of new work for the fall Crawl- 'Cuz once I start these new projects, I don't think I will be stopping anytime soon. So- Mark your calendars for the Fall St. Paul Art Crawl...

Friday Oct 7 from 6-10pm
Saturday October 8 noon-8pm
Sunday October 9 noon-5pm

Thanks for the time to vent...that to go and make my lists. 
Always inspired, yet sometimes blocked,

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